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From time to time I will be adding news and new product info here so keep coming back to see where I’m up to.


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Welcome to Kernow Glass

I spent most of my youth in the summers of the 70's combing the Halsetown and St Ives areas of South Cornwall. I was impressed and excited by the diverse art and the bohemian creative atmosphere that enveloped the southern peninsula. However, the necessity for a paid living saw me drawn back to a career in the North West. This never stopped regular returns to my beloved Cornwall - a spiritual home that, eventually, I returned to and made my permanent home in 2013, and where I can now allow my more creative side to finally be released in my chosen media - glass.

My work has a leaning towards discovering the essence and heritage of the southern Cornish coast through the media of Glass Art.

I'm sure you will be delighted by the subtle shades and nuances that sparkle through the glass breathing life into the artwork.

Each piece of artwork is hand crafted and can include kiln fired glass, stained glass or copper foiled glass and, for some designs, sand etching, assuring any owner that their piece is unique. I use only the finest glass products sourced from around the world to provide the most vibrant colour shades, mirroring the varying sea shades often seen around the coastal waters of Cornwall.